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It's time to acknowledge the strong relationship that exists between the Australian Trout Foundation and the Victorian Fisheries Authority. We are currently working together on:
• The Jordan Scotty Incubators are currently being trialled in partnership between the ATF and VFA to assess their ability to assist population recovery in targeted streams. The trials are ongoing and more definitive outcomes are probably a few years away.
• We work together in habitat restoration projects, in which the Arthur Rylah Institute, the Department of Environment Land Water & Planning and Catchment Management Authorities are also prominent and essential partners. The recent habitat workshops held in Myrtleford, Heidelberg & Traralgon involved the above group working together and were thankfully funded by the VFA & DELWP.
• Working together the ATF & VFA are organising a 2 day workshop to develop a 5 year Strategic Plan for our valuable Wild Trout Fishery. The workshop will consider challenges including: low summer flows, increasing water temperature, threats and damage from bushfires, floods, mining & logging activities, river health damage, livestock impacts, low trout abundance and reduced angler access. The draft plan will be presented at the Talk Wild Trout Conference in November and distributed to anglers for their comments.
• The ATF & NFA have been given space at the recent Boating, 4 x 4 & Fishing shows “gratis” by the VFA for which we are most gratefuL.
Thanks Travis, Dallas, Anthony, Taylor & JD and your team at VFA. It’s true to say that we don’t always agree on every issue, but in most cases our strong relationship allows us to proceed with solutions that satisfy both parties.
N.B. All of the above wouldn’t happen without the hard work and support of our volunteer army of conservationist members and supporters. You will continue to be the driving force to keep us on track to protect, maintain and enhance the health of our waterways and fisheries. THANK YOU.


We also wish to acknowledge Trevor Hawkins for his support and help with the "Trees for Trout" logo above.