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We invite you to join with the rest of us to protect, rebuild and promote Australia’s trout fishing heritage.
Membership of ATF is open to any individual or association with an interest in trout fishing, whether you fish with fly, lure or bait.

The Australian Trout Foundation was established to represent your trout fishery interests at local, regional, state and federal levels as a dedicated and united voice. Join us and ensure yours and your children’s future recreation is not compromised.

In Victoria, we are working very closely and successfully with Native Fish Australia, Victorian Fishing Authority, Parks Victoria, VRFish, and the various CMA's & water authorities, assisting with angler advisory committees and are involved with numerous projects including stream habitat restorations &  conservation, access management and fish stocking.
As you can see, we are well established in Victoria and are setting up regional chapters across the state. We are also currently in the process of establishing a State Branch in Western Australia and having discussions with represenatives from other states with regards to a branch in their respective state.

It only costs $25.00 per year to be an individual member  of the Australian Trout Foundation and you will be helping to ensure that trout fishing in Australia remains alive and well for future generations to come.

1, 2 or 3 year membership options are available and memberships are valid until 31st August of the expiration year. (we'll even give you a $10.00 discount for anyone signing up for 3 years).

To apply for membership or refinance your subscription and/or update your contact details, please use the membership form: Membership form

(This form is for individuals only - For club/association membership, please contact and the approprite information & forms will be forwarded to your organization.)

Important Notes:

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  • As the form contains interactive fields, you may need to download the latest version of a .pdf reader such as "Adode Reader" or "Foxit Reader" for it to work correctly.

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If preferred, you can still print the form and email/post it and you can also still make payments by EFT or cheque (as per previously) but don't forget to send us a copy of the bank transfer receipt if paying with EFT.

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