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Darling River Fish Kill - Media Release

We have attached a Media Release (click button below) regarding the effects of the Darling River disastrous fish kill.

This event certainly validates the thousands of hours that our army of angler volunteers have already put in on a range of habitat restoration projects to improve the health of our streams. This Darling River event, combined with the current weather pattern, has actually increased our resolve to ramp up our waterway restoration activities.


As you may be aware, the 2018 Habitat Workshops at Myrtleford and Heidelberg have given the Stakeholder group a further 49 suggested projects to investigate and additional Workshops are scheduled for Traralgon and Warrnambool in the ensuing 6 months. 


Accordingly, there's a mountain of work to be done, but we are so fortunate to have an army of conservationist anglers who care and who are prepared to roll up their sleeves to get the jobs done. Our Stakeholders, the VFA, DELWP, ARI & CMA's are on the same train and assist with personpower, funding and expertise wherever possible. The newly formed Vic Freshwater Fish Habitat & Flows Partnership led by Renae Ayres is also a welcome addition to the team.


As one great AFL Coach once said "Don't think, don't talk - DO. 


We thank all our angler volunteers and Stakeholders involved thus far and look forward to working together in 2019 and beyond.

Media Release